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Watch the video about past alumni and listen to their videos about being abroad.

This program is full of learning opportunities for teenagers. Actually traveling and living abroad with another student brought up questions about our own government and why things are handled differently. Great learning experience.

Having a foreign exchange student in our home made […]

City of Mesa, Arizona

mesa-city-logoThe purpose of the Mesa Sister City Association is to foster international cooperation and understanding through community involvement and people-to-people relationships between Mesa citizens and those of other countries.

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Logos are always a challenge on websites — mostly due to size and shape and limited space in the headers.

This is a work in progress and will continue to be open until the site is designed, but here are a couple of versions, done at size + 2x size (for “retina” versions)

Note:  this one below […]

DEV NOTES 9/2014

Website Update:
Initially, the site will be set up to follow the notes from the FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE (Bailey, Ladd, et al.) meeting

The following is a copy of the NOTES DOCUMENT from the Committee meeting

Mesa Sister Cities—Fundraising Committee Meeting
September 6, 2014

Committee Members at meeting: DeAnne Crandall, Marlo Crandall, Bailey Newton, Ladd Crandall
Purpose of Meeting

To critique current fundraising […]

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Welcome to the Mesa Sister Cities website.
This log is to provide for members, a place to share additional information, ideas, and general communications that is not appropriate for the PUBLIC website.  And while this is a public website, it also can be used for operational and useful notes for […]

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2015 Youth Ambassador Exchange Program was a great success

Our 2015 Youth Ambassador Exchange Program was a great success
…with local high school students from Mesa visiting, and later, hosting students from Caraz , Peru, Guaymas Mexico and Burnaby, Canada.

Thank You Guitarras Latinas

Guitarras Latinas Mesa Sister Cities gives a special thanks to Dr. Osorio, and Phoenix band "Guitarras Latinas." They have donated their time and resources to perform for our program events. They are a fun, talented, amazing group of musicians. Muchas gracias!!!


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