Mesa Sister City:

Burnaby, Canada

Burnaby, Canada

Burnaby is Mesa’s fifth and newest Sister City. Burnaby is located in the geographical center of the Greater Vancouver region of British Columbia. With a population of over 200,000 it offers an exceptional physical environment featuring two large freshwater lakes, naturally forested mountain parkland, an ocean beach, a multitude of neighborhood parks and open space with many fish bearing rivers and streams.

Burnaby’s strategic location has helped to provide a diverse range of business and lifestyle opportunities. Metrotown, located six miles from downtown Vancouver and served by Skytrain, the region’s light rapid transit system, provides a central and dynamic focus for regional office and retail activities. Burnaby is home to Simon Fraser University and the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Two hundred acres of fertile land near the Fraser River supply a significant portion of the vegetable production from the lower Mainland farming area. Burnaby is also home to a growing floriculture industry.

Mesa and Burnaby began exploring a Sister City relationship in 1998, with several visits exchanged before the relationship was finalized in March 1999. The communities are finding it very useful to share information on civic issues, with delegates attending sessions on public safety, cultural and recreational programs.

For more information on activities of the Burnaby Committee, send an email to Rob Schultz.