Board of Directors

Dennis Kavanaugh

Gerry Paulus
Vice President

Vern Mathern

Patsy Fimbres

Ian Lissen
City of Mesa Liaison

Anne Bielecki
Board member

Ryan Winkle
Board member

Sally Harrison
Board member

Mary Vardian
Gerry Paulus
Youth Committee Chairs

Donald Mui
Kaiping, China, Committee Chair

Jo Wilson
Burnaby, Canada Chair

Mary Vardian
Guaymas, Mexico Chair

Ana Cadillo
Kenny Osario
Caraz, Peru Chair

Letter from the President:


Dear Reader,


Thank you for visiting the Mesa Sister Cities website. I am honored to have been elected president of Mesa Sister Cities for 2017-2018. I have been a member of Mesa Sister Cities since I was first elected to the Mesa City Council in 1996 and I have enjoyed watching its growth and development.

2017 has been a good year for our organization. We had our most successful annual golf tournament this past spring which enables us to support the multiple programs that our volunteers manage so well. We are very proud of our student exchange program which in 2017 involved students from Mesa, Guaymas, Mexico and Burnaby, Canada. We look forward to expand the number of participating students during this coming year.

Over the next twelve months, trips are planned to our sister cities in China, Mexico, Canada and Peru. And we plan to continue our member programs celebrating significant cultural and national events from the countries of our sister cities.

We have a strong and successful relationship with the City of Mesa and we are grateful for the consistent support from city leaders. During this coming year we will work to strengthen our relationship with Mesa Community College and its impressive international relations program.

“People to People” relationships have made a difference in our world in the 60 years since President Eisenhower started the Sister City movement in the United States. Mesa Sister Cities is proud of the work we have done during our 40 years of existence. Please consider joining us in our efforts.

Very truly yours,

Dennis Kavanaugh
President, Mesa Sister Cities