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Watch the video about past alumni and listen to their videos about being abroad.

This program is full of learning opportunities for teenagers. Actually traveling and living abroad with another student brought up questions about our own government and why things are handled differently. Great learning experience.

Having a foreign exchange student in our home made us realize that things aren’t so different in many ways. This experience removed boundaries and opened our hearts and minds to being more involved with our own community.

This organization has been functioning in Mesa since ????. Community ties are tight and the experience is safe. Communications between Sister Cities and the outside country is efficient and easy.

This experience taught more to my teenager about than his 4 years of classroom instruction in history and foreign languages.

We gained a daughter and extended family in Peru. What an experience for all involved.

My family learned so much about ourselves during this exchange.

Community service is a big part of this program. My teenager learned to reach outside of himself and volunteer to help others locally and abroad.

Gained a better understanding about international affairs.